Sidra Natural Riestra

In our cellars, the cider brews silently

Sidra natural Riestra, we have been devoted to cider making since 1906 and our cider has traditionally enjoyed enormous prestige.

We produce around 1 million litres every year, our facilities are equipped with cutting edge machinery for cider making (apple washing, crushing and pressing) which places us as one of the leading companies in this sector.

Our priority is to put all our love, dedication and effort into everything we do, so our customers can enjoy the fruits of our labours.

In our cellars, the cider brews silently, drowsing in old chestnut tree barrels and modern stainless steel casks, waiting for the moment of its shipping to sidrerias (pubs where cider is poured) all over Asturias.

In 2012 Sidra Riestra has brought out a new cider that gives us entry to all types of markets, national as well as international.

This is a sparkling cider produced through the methode champenoise, with a second fermentation and aging in the bottle. This cider has had an excellent welcome among the international markets, having many customers spread across the world and being considered by many experts and various forums as one of the best ciders in the world.